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Enter a chilling world of crime, mystery, and the supernatural as Detective Andrew Deans is pushed to the limits in this spine-tingling series.

Juggling his work and home life, Deans faces a dead end in the case of a missing student—until a psychic’s startling revelations turn the investigation on its head.

As the supernatural and brutal facts of the case intertwine, Deans must decide between his training or the impossible-to-deny evidence of the psychic. With his personal life unravelling, Deans is walking the line between justice and the unexplained. Will he find the truth, or will the truth discover him?

STORM LOG-0505 is the first book in the Detective Deans Mystery series of police procedure and paranormal intrigue, expertly woven by a former CID detective.

“Crime fiction at its fast-paced best.”
– Garydow – Amazon Reader