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About me

James is a master storyteller whose life before the pen was as thrilling as the stories he now tells. With over two decades working the rich tapestry of the UK criminal justice system, James has lived the life many authors only research. From the pulsating heart of CID investigations to the solemn echoes of the courtroom, his deep well of personal experience breathes authenticity into his fast-paced mysteries, filled with realistic characters and complex narratives that only someone of James’ background can provide.

James’ venture into the literary world is as intriguing as his novels. It all began in 2012, following a chance meeting with SAS legend, TV personality, and fellow author Chris Ryan in a busy Bath bar. This serendipitous encounter ignited a passion for storytelling that has since become James’ calling. Born and raised near Bath, James relocated to the picturesque west coast of England with his family, where his love of compelling intrigue and gripping narrative took shape.

His debut series introduces us to Bath Police Detective Andrew Deans, a man whose life is as complicated as the cases he solves. Deans stands out in the literary world of crime fiction for his remarkable gift – or curse – of communicating with the dead, a skill that torments him as much as it aids his endless quest for justice. This absorbing twist adds a supernatural layer to the already intricate crime mysteries, making each book impossible to put down.

James introduces readers to another unforgettable character in his second series featuring Bristol Detective Inspector Robbie Chilcott. Known for his uncompromising attitude and a reputation that rivals his considerable ego, Chilcott’s adventures are marked by James’ signature style of intricate plot twists and compelling storytelling.

James’ novels are immersive experiences that transport readers into the heart of the action, offering an escape into menacing worlds where the line between right and wrong is as intricate as the mysteries he reveals. Step into James’ world of fiction, where each mystery is a journey through the shadows of human nature, guided by characters as flawed as they are heroic.

“I felt as though I was there, a part of the investigation team…”

S G Lawton
The Bone Hill