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About me

James is a former CID detective with over twenty years of experience working in the criminal justice system, both on the front line and in the court services. James’ first-hand insight into the criminal world makes for fast-paced, compelling mysteries with realistic characters and intricate plot twists.

His breakthrough series features the likeable yet hapless Bath-based Detective Andy Deans, a man hounded by his past and haunted by his future. His second series features the incomparable DI Robbie Chilcott, a boss with an attitude and a reputation almost as large as his ego.

James began writing in 2012, following a chance encounter in a Bath bar with SAS veteran, TV personality and author, Chris Ryan. Originally from Bath, James now lives on the west coast of England in beautiful North Devon with his young family, a crazy dog, two gerbils and countless tropical fish.

“I felt as though I was there, a part of the investigation team…”

S G Lawton
The Bone Hill