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Detective Andrew Deans is caught in a living nightmare—his pregnant wife has vanished, and every pair of eyes seems to bear a silent judgment, waiting for him to crack. As Deans wrestles with unspoken truths, the case around his wife’s disappearance grows chillingly cold.

Amid this web of deceit and suspicion, a sinister force lures him back to his last unsolved murder case—an eerie property ominously dubbed the ‘haunted house.’

Hidden within its weather-beaten shell lies a terrifying mystery that could hold the key to his wife’s disappearance. But as Deans teeters on the edge of despair, he must confront the fear that haunts him—is he brave enough to uncover the grim secrets that lie in the shadows of the abandoned manor house?

Enter a chilling world of crime, mystery, and the supernatural as Detective Andrew Deans is pushed to the limits in this spine-tingling series.

“Seriously gripping!”
– Suzanne Lilley – Amazon Review