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The truth can be murder.

As Detective Andrew Deans pieces together the fragments of his shattered life, the North Devon tide washes up another mutilated body. Consumed by torment and revenge, Deans is determined to keep a solemn promise and end the bloodshed – whatever the personal cost. 

With the body count rising in the small coastal town, Deans has no choice but to trust his fledgling psychic abilities, which lure him to a sacred place of legend and superstition. What dark secrets rest beneath the ancient burial ground, and could it hold the key to the murders?

But The Bone Hill doesn’t give up its mysteries easily, and Deans is about to come face-to-face with a haunting new reality… 

The Bone Hill is the third book in the Detective Deans crime series.

“Unputdownable read.”
– TommyT – Amazon Review